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Insulated Cargo Blankets

Insulated Cargo Blankets

Reusable, lightweight and easy to install, our thermal blankets protect against extreams of both heat and cold.
Available in any size required including sizes for ocean containers and rail cars.
Astro Asia Blankets are an economical alternative to active refrigerated shipping methods.
Please note: although cargo blankets are economical for one-time use, we incourage all our customers
to find a way to reuse or recycle. We appreciate any efforts made by our valuable customers.

  • Cargo Blanket Graph

    Protect from Heat

    Six day summer test, cross country using insulating thermal blanket

    5° temperature fluctuation under blanket

    22° temperature fluctuation inside cargo area

  • Insulating Blankets graph

    Protect from Cold

    Eight day winter test, cross country using thermal blanket .

    Temperature under blanket (red) remains above freezing

    -16° coldest temperature inside cargo area

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