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How it works

Our “reflect & insulate” design works by reducing radiant heat transfer and slowing conductive heat simultaneously. This synergistic system consists of a reflective barrier and an insulation layer. The reflective barrier repels heat radiation while the insulated core slows down heat transfer from conduction and convection. Radiant barriers are primarily aluminum. However, the insulation layer varies greatly depending on use. Insulated covers can be manufactured with a variety of materials to maximize temperature stability. Cold Chain performance depends on a number of elements e.g. product density and transit time. These materials work together to provide a protective barrier far superior to either element on its own, maintaining a more stable environment without dramatic temperature spikes. According to temperature control requirement and transportation distance, appropriate coolants can be added to further enhance performance. Learn more about heat transfer here.

Thermal Covers, Blankets, Cold Box & Container Liners

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Pallet blankets

  • Air Freight
  • Pallet Covers
  • Pallet Quilts
  • Roll Cage Covers
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Insulating Blankets

  • Cargo Quilts
  • Insulated Shipping Blankets
  • Foil blanket
  • Insulating Blankets
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Thermal Box

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermal Packaging
  • Pharma Cargo
  • Cold Box
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Container Liners

  • Sea Freight
  • Thermal Container Liners
  • Shipping Container Liners
  • Ocean Container Liners
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About Us

Thermal covers

AstroAsia Limited provides shipping solutions for temperature sensitive products. We keep costs down by working with a number of raw material suppliers in several Asian countries. We provide bulk quantities of thermal pallet covers, container liners, insulated covers, PCM cold boxes, or insulated cargo blankets at economical prices. If you purchase more you should expect to pay less.

Our minimum order is generally however many comfortably fit on a standard pallet (1.07x1.22M). We are unable to service logistics firms who need just a few pieces from time to time. Our strength is supplying quantity and quality at the same time. Larger production runs and minimal storage keep our overhead and your cost low. Because each production is for a particular customer, custom sizes are no problem and no extra charge.

We use different materials depending on your cold chain needs:
Radiant barrier alone
Aluminum coating on a tough woven Polyethylene material: for container liners and a perforated version for fruit picking bins.

Polyethylene Bubble coated with Aluminum: for standard pallet covers, shipping blankets and container liners.

Astro-Quilt ®
Six layers of Polyethylene micro-foam with aluminum coated woven Polyethylene exterior: for pallet quilts, cargo quilts, roll cage covers and full container blankets.
(Can also be made with embossed metalized Polyethylene exterior).
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Poly-Wool quilt
A core of hollow fiber Polyester Wool with aluminum coated woven Polyethylene exterior: also for pallet quilts, cargo quilts, roll cage covers and full container blankets.
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