Tips on Shipping Fruits

We have had to send gifts and parcels to family and friends in different states or countries on given occasions. Whether a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or wedding. We have gone out of ways to ensure that the gifts and parcels get to their recipient. Many of you are wondering, can you send fruit in the mail? Maybe you are in a state where fruits do so well, and you want to share them with family or friends in different states or countries. What do you do?

Condition for Sending Fruit to a Different State

• You can only send fruit from one state to another. If you require shipping fruit to another country, then you have to be licensed by the government.

• You can only send fruit that is allowed by the state laws. These include the state you are sending from and the state you are shipping to.

How to Ship Fruit to Another State

1. Reach Out to the Department of Agriculture

The department of agriculture collaborates with the postal services to ensure that people follow the regulations when sending fruit by mail. It is in the department that you will know what fruit can be shipped and which cannot. If you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law, this should always be the first step you take when you want to ship fruit for commerce or as gifts to family and friends.

2. Select the Right Fruits

You do not want to go against the law. Ensure that you prepare only fruits that are allowed from the state and into the receiving state. If a particular state does not want to receive a specific fruit in fear of bringing disease into their plants, do not send such fruits. It is easier to ship fruit from Florida in the US since it is blessed with so many oranges.

3. Pack Your Fruits in the Right Way

When sending fruit, always consider fruits that are not ripe to get to your destination in the right shape. Going for fruits that are hard to get scrapes is an excellent idea since it improves the fruit’s longevity getting to the recipient. Citrus fruits, apples, and apricots are examples of fruits you can send to a different state without so much worry. Grapes, plums, and strawberries are more fragile. If you have to send them by mail, then you have to have unique and safer packaging.

Pack your fruits, pad them with soft clothing or sponge, and put them in a crate ready for shipping. A card box with padding on the inside helps protect your fruits by absorbing shock that may be triggered by falls during shipping.

4. Go for the Fastest Means

Whether you are using the postal services or the courier services, always ensure that you go for the quickest method. Fruits are perishable, and if they stay for many hours in transit, they will start to rot. If it’s in the winter, 24hrs would be ideal, but during summer, it’s hot, and there is a need to deliver the fruits in a matter of hours. For soft fruits, they are more fragile and perishable. You might want to consider shipping them through air transport so that they get to the recipient fast.

Bottom Line

The question of whether fruit shipping is allowed has been lingering in the minds of many people. Now we know that you can send fruit, only that you must meet several conditions and supervision. Remember to get a permit before sending fruits from state to state.

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