What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally

When you search online, various companies will offer you their international shipping services. But there is a catch; most of these companies have very high rates for their services. If you are wondering how to ship internationally, one of the main factors that you need to consider would be how much is international shipping cost? However, before getting into the shipping cost, let us look at many ways we can ship goods internationally.

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Air freight

Airfreight is considered by most people to be the most expensive way to ship something from one country to another. Yet, are there cases where air freight is the best option for shipping? The answer is an absolute yes!

You can use shipping services offered by air freight, which will save you a lot of time. Using air freight will ensure that the item will get to its destination. This is because of the special pallet used.

Another case is that air freight is coming during the period of transition. During this time, it is usually challenging for international package shipping companies to afford to send their employees home.

Sending valuable items such as cars, trucks, and machinery by air is also a great way to ensure that these items can be shipped to their final destination. And that they will arrive in good condition.

Postal Services

The United States Postal Service offers the best prices when it comes to UPS shipping. Plus, you can find special offers and deals for other things you may want to send. Such as electronics or computer accessories.

But, if you need something larger, it may be wise to choose your mail from a company like USPS. Because they offer tracking on your parcels so that if they get lost in the mail.

If your package should become lost in the mail, or something else happens, the post office can track it for you and make a return trip. These services are especially great for companies with existing eCommerce platforms, as they can often import shipping information directly from your website.

In the case of parcels, if you use the postal service, you will need to buy an International Parcel Number, also known as the IPN. When you go to the post office to buy your International Parcel Number, they will ask you for your street address and mailing address.

They will often ask you for the date of mailing the package and a signature to sign for the box when it’s picked up. If your parcel should get lost in the mail, the post office will track it and make a return trip.

USPS is compatible and friendly for small or medium companies with eCommerce platforms. They offer monthly rates with limits on the number of packages your company can send. 

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Ocean Freight (Boat Shipping)

Using ocean freight shipping as the cheapest way to ship internationally might seem like a challenging task, but it is a very viable one. Not only can you cut down on your freight costs by using international shipping. But you can also find out more about the ports of call that you can use for your purposes.

Many international package shipping companies offer quotes for the services they offer. This will help you compare prices and options for the service you need. It will also allow you to keep track of the time frame that you need to have your item shipped to get it to the place you need it.

An eBay Auction

It may be hard for you to believe that auctions are the best means to find cheap and affordable international shipping. Yet, there are many reasons why using an eBay auction as the most inexpensive way to ship internationally can help you save a lot of money.

The auction sites have a wide array of vendors that are selling international air shipping services. These shipping services are at affordable prices. This also means that you have the freedom to choose which among these companies would provide you with the best shipping services.

But eBay isn’t the only online auction site where you can find such offers. There are plenty of other sites that offer international shipping services at affordable prices. If you have a little bit of patience, you can even find reputable companies that offer freight services at a reasonable price.

But for you to get the best value for your money, it is always good to compare and contrast the rates from one company to another. If you want to find a cheaper way to ship internationally, using an eBay auction is considered one of the best ways for you to do so.


  • Ocean shipping is almost always cheaper than air freight, but ocean shipping is not fast and practical for delivering items to your clients.
  • USPS is considered the cheapest option with , but there may also be international carriers that specialize in a particular country or route.
  • USPS is compatible and friendly for small or medium companies with eCommerce platforms. They offer monthly rates for small to medium-size businesses.
  •  If you want to find a cheaper way to ship internationally, using an eBay auction is considered one of the best ways for you to do so.

International shipping rates can change daily. So if you want to update your shipping prices, you will have to alert the shipping company. Most companies will charge a small fee for each shipment. But you should only notify them of any price changes. International shipping rates are subject to change. This is because different companies are likely to charge extra amounts. If you are unsure about how much does it cost to ship internationally? you may want to contact several shipping companies. To get a reasonable average price.

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