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When a person decides to ship something, there are a few important things to consider. With many different types of shipping, it is important to carefully consider the size of the item or items being shipped. If it is a small item, then a small package will do. If the item is a bit larger or, suppose you have an online store where multiple large items are being shipped, then it will probably have to be shipped using a pallet. There are some important differences between package shipping and pallet shipping. 

What’s Considered as a ‘Package’ for Shipping?

Usually when a person ships an item it is done with a standard package, however, this is not always the case. One might ask, what is considered a package or what is considered a parcel? A package or parcel is a single shipment in a cardboard box or some other type of reliable packaging. One can also even ship things by using a suitcase. As long as the wheels and handles are covered, one might be able to ship the suitcase. However, It is possible that this method of shipping is not accepted by certain shipping companies.

What’s Considered as a ‘Pallet’ for Shipping?

If one wants to send large items or multiple items, pallet shipping is something to consider. One can save money by choosing pallet shipping. If you are new to this, you might ask, what exactly is a pallet for shipping? This method means to send multiple boxes at once using a pallet. The packages will be shipped as one shipment and this is an organized way to send multiple packages to one destination/country. It keeps all the packages together during the shipping process ensuring a coherent shipment. It is a very smart and relatively cheaper way to send multiple packages.

Where To Buy Shipping Pallets?

You might wonder where to buy shipping pallets. Do you need to have one for yourself or will the company be doing all the work for you? Sometimes this part of the process can get complicated. There are companies that sell pallets. You can even buy them online. But if this is your first time, you should talk to the provider first. Companies that sell shipping pallets will take into consideration one’s shipping needs and preferences. It is also possible to buy used or remanufactured pallets to help save on costs. It is important that you review all options available regarding shipping pallets. 

What To Know About Shipping Using Pallets

If one chooses to use pallet shipping there are a few things to consider and be aware of. 

  • Some pallets are made out of wood and others are made out of plastic. There are also pallets made out of aluminum or steel.
  • When shipping pallets, one should also be ready for the preparation involved when choosing this shipment method. Putting the heaviest packages on the bottom of the pallet is the correct way to start. 
  • Put the lighter items on top. It is also important to be mindful of the height of the pallet. Avoid stacking the packages on the pallet to an unreasonable height.
  • You will need plastic wraps or robes to secure all boxes on a pallet, preventing it from falling to places.
  • Another important part of the pallet shipping process is calculating the size of the pallet shipment. It is vital to know how to count boxes on a pallet. If one calculates how many layers there are and how many boxes are on each layer, then one will be able to determine how many boxes are on the pallet. This simple multiplication process will help make things easier when calculating how many pallets there are in a shipment.
  • Pallets are quite large and are usually handled by a pallet jack or forklift. It is possible to rent one from the courier company that one is using to ship their packages.

What is a Skid in Shipping?

There is another type of shipping method that is similar to pallets. Skids are another option that a person can choose for shipping multiple items. What is the difference between a pallet and a skid? The answers to those questions are fairly simple. A skid is like a pallet, but it does not have the bottom deck. A skid only has the top deck. Skids can be easier to stack and transport. This can help reduce shipping costs and is a reason why choosing skids for shipping can be greatly beneficial. It is important to consider the type one’s shipment when determining whether to use skids or not.

Conclusion: Package Shipping vs Pallet Shipping?

There are many things to consider when shipping. One has to consider their item size, weight, and number of items. Another important thing to consider is the overall goal regarding the shipment. Being aware of the potential costs and how to cut costs are things to keep in mind as well. If one takes the time to consider their shipment and the types of shipping available, then achieving a smooth shipping process should be fairly easy.

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