Although makeup isn’t going anywhere, shipping makeup by mail can pose unusual challenges for those who wish to send it near or far if you are sending makeup in the post, whether it be part of a present or for a cosmetic company in bulk, it is essential to ensure that the cosmetics reach their destination without damage. From powder eyeshadow palettes to liquid foundations, makeup comes in various forms. Each has its shipping requirements so that the recipient’s package does not arrive in a puddle. Cosmetics vary significantly in price. Make sure you carefully select the shipping method and makeup packaging when shipping high-value items.

How to Pack Makeup for Shipment

Whenever a powder makeup product or an eyeshadow palette becomes broken due to a minor impact, it is a tragedy. In addition to the makeup itself, the container in which it is packaged matters because many cosmetics are packaged in glass vessels that can shatter if not packaged correctly. This extensive guide for shipping makeup presents you with a step-by-step guide on how to ship makeup to ensure that the goods will arrive securely and be used as intended.

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

Before beginning this project packaging for beauty products, you must gather the necessary supplies. To avoid mistakes, you should ensure that all materials are on hand before starting the project. Among the recommended materials for that shipping makeup are:

  • Foam Padding for Packing
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Paper for Wrapping
  • Cosmetology Boxes
  • Cosmetic Bags for Makeup
  • Tape for Packaging
  • Boxes for Shipping

2. Begin Packing Your Items

Please choose the most suitable box for the makeup merchandise to successfully ship the cosmetic when packaging it yourself as a handmade present or as a personal business venture. When makeup products are exposed to moisture, they can melt or become broken, so choosing sealed and shock-proof vessels, like metal tins or plastic jars, is a good option. These goods will implement adequate protection from the elements and allow makeup products to be contained in a suitable container that will not compromise the makeup.

3. Understand The Degrees Of Fragility

When it comes to understanding how to ship makeup, wrapping is the most critical and time-consuming step. Depending on the fragility of the product, the packaging requirements may vary. Eyeshadow palettes, pressed foundation, glass bottles of foundation, and other fragile items will require the most significant degree of care during packaging. As a solution for more durable items, one can always pack them in a makeup cosmetic pouch, which will provide an airtight container for the cosmetics during travel without entirely concealing the contents. Cosmetic boxes make excellent packaging for businesses that wish to add a splash of their logo to their shipments. To protect the more delicate cosmetics in the shipping box and other items inside the package, it is highly recommended that each item be wrapped in good bubble wrap.

4. Ship It With A Fragile Sticker

Once the shipping container has been sealed with packing tape, it is time to travel to the nearest post office to ship the makeup items. Shipping times are irrelevant when you’re shipping makeup to a freezing environment. However, if makeup is sent to a warm region, you may experience melted, distorted, or damaged items. It is suggested that you pick an expedited shipping opportunity in these situations to ensure the package spends as short a time as possible in transit. It is highly recommended to indicate that the box is fragile so that the shipping personnel can handle the container with more care.

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How to Ship Lipstick

Make sure your lipstick or other makeup that might melt is packaged in leak-proof packaging to prevent a mess in the event of a meltdown. A packing of ice and the use of Priority Mail Express wouldn’t be a bad idea either, as no one wants goopy, misshapen lipstick.

How to Store Makeup Palettes

Alternatively, you can adhere acrylic holders to the inside of your cabinet doors for additional makeup storage. In addition to the fact that is hanging makeup, bags are helpful for travel and storing cosmetics. They can be a valuable option when it comes to how to store cosmetics. Whenever you are not using the rug, keep it rolled up when it is not in use, then roll it up again when it is not in use.

How Long Do You Keep Makeup?

If properly stored in a cool, dry environment, most cosmetics – even those that have not been opened and are still fully sealed – will last between two and three years. Since oil is prone to going rancid, creamier products like cream concealers and liquid blushes containing oil or butter will likely go rancid faster.

If you’re a business owner who ships fragile items like makeup and cosmetics in large amounts regularly, Astro Asia can provide custom solutions for your shipping requirement. Need a thermal box, cold box or an insulated shipping blanket? Get in touch today for a custom quote.

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