Perishable items such as ice cream call for extra precaution when shipping. Are you on vacation, and you wish to send a surprise package of ice cream to your friend? Well, you can do it via mail. However, there are various factors to make sure that the process goes on smoothly and your package gets to the other end intact.

One of the chief requirements when sending ice cream in the mail is that it should not exceed a certain level of temperature. That may make the process a little challenging since it gets less edible, in case it melts or gets frozen.

Can you ship ice cream?

How do you ship ice cream? Well, keeping it cold through the process, and delivering it fast, are the two secrets to successful shipping. Observing quick shipping can help prevent the product from melting before getting to the recipient.

The best option to ship ice cream through the mail is usually during the night when the temperatures are relatively low. The method used to preserve temperature may not have much impact if the process takes longer.

Are there any risks when shipping Ice cream via mail?

It may get challenging when shipping a variety of flavors at the same time. The blends can affect the way ice cream responds to temperature variations. For instance, a mixture of strawberry flavor and chocolate may not melt the same as plain strawberry, making the shipping process a tough encounter.

It is wise to understand that adding new ingredients like marshmallows, candy, and chocolate chips to the ice cream complicates the process of mailing ice cream. In case any of the additives get affected by certain levels of cold weather, you will have a hard time when shipping several combinations. If ice cream gets exposed to high temperatures, and then it freezes up, its taste cannot be pleasant.

Numerous issues may arise when sending ice cream via mail. Observing the following guidelines can help you understand how to ship ice cream.

Keep the Ice Cream Entirely Cold

Always prioritize keeping the product at low temperatures when shipping via mail. Practically, water freezes at zero degrees at sea level. However, the water present in ice cream has some sugar, a factor that lowers its freezing point.

The arrangement of ice particles, as well as fat bits, may change as soon as the ice cream starts to melt. That way, the texture may take a different form after the product freezes. Failure to take the necessary precaution can cause a significant mess if ice cream melts in a container.

Use the Correct Shipping Vessels

Using the recommended shipping container can help to make sure that the ice cream remains frozen all through. You can use a sealed polystyrene container, which prevents the transfer of heat from one surface to another.

On top of the air-tight container, it is prudent to add a substance that maintains cold air in the interior. A perfect example in such a case is dry ice, which turns into carbon dioxide rather than water. Prevent direct contact with dry ice, even after it has melted in an enclosed area. That is because it may displace all oxygen. Ensure to inform the recipient about such precautions.

Be Keen With Time

After setting up the appropriate type of shipping container, timing is the next chief factor to consider. Even with the best shipping container, you may not manage to keep the ice cream cold for many days. Therefore, time is a critical aspect that you must never overlook when shipping your product.

Usually, dry ice will melt within one day after packing, but it depends on the reliability of the container and the amount it can hold. That way, a shipping process that extends up to three days may be appropriate. However, the most convenient method of shipping is the one that completes overnight.

Choose the Best Season to Ship Ice Cream

If possible, do not ship frozen products within the summer seasons, as that exposes them to high temperatures at the warehouses. If it is unavoidable, ensure to use vehicles with refrigerators and excellent storage systems.

The primary objective when shipping ice cream via mail is to ensure that it gets to the recipient when fresh. The product may change in shape, flavor, and texture if it melts on the way.

Shipping ice cream for a long-distance may depend on several factors, which include the quantity you wish to ship. With small amounts, sending via mail is the best option to deliver it to the consumer.

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Whether you are sending ice cream for business purposes, or you are doing it to surprise your friends and family, it is prudent to put all measures in place. 

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