International shipping is helping the growth and development of eCommerce. The eCommerce industry is able to reach and expand its customer base because of shipping delivery. The growth and development are set to increase as technology advances. However, different countries have diverse international shipping restrictions and rules that every merchant has to follow.

Some countries have strict international shipping laws that can make one avoid business with them. This article will look at six countries with harsh shipping restrictions.

1. Shipping to Russia

Shipping items to Russia is one of the tough challenges you will come across. Things have become difficult because of the current political environment of Russia. If you are an international business person and want to ship products into Russia, you should be very keen.

Various international shipping restrictions make Russia a tricky state to ship items to. These aspects include delivery barriers, strict duties for individual packages, a highly unstable political environment, and a lack of transparency.

The country has strict acquiescence levies regulations for the delivery of commercial goods and electronic shipments. As for the individual packages, they can take several days or weeks to pass through inspection. The goods confiscation is possible after a thorough inspection.

2. Shipping to Brazil

The South American country has international shipping regulations that give merchants a headache. Among the restrictions you will encounter include high intensities of corruption, confusing import policies, high import duties, and an extremely slow clearance process.

You must pay taxes and duties for every shipment irrespective of their worth. There are some exceptions, which are collectibles, documents, and books. The tax threshold and import levy in Brazil stand at $0, which is the reason for all shipment payments. All shipments have a tax of 19%. Import duties may begin at 2%, and this can escalate to a maximum of 35%. The duties will depend on the item type.

The corruption and confusing import policies can complicate delivery times and prolong them in the process. The result will be a slow clearance process.

3. Shipping to India

Shipping products to India can be a bit problematic due to some of their international shipping laws. Indian authorities demand more individual documentation on shipment and also have a high import duty. You have to organize your documentation before any shipping process.

The recipient of the items must fill or produce personal documentation to make the delivery complete. Otherwise, the person risks the package being returned. The delivery period in India is much longer, as it is a vast state.

The import levy starts at 22% for almost every product. However, items such as household appliances, health, and beauty products, have a high duty which can go to a maximum of 50%.


4. Shipping to Chile

Shipping regulation that makes Chile be among countries with strict shipping processes is its protection for the local economy. Authorities here impose heavy taxes on all foreign products to evade imports. For instance, authorities almost seized Valentine’s gift. The gift was going to a Chilean mother. The recipient faced a jail term for receiving a sweater and purse since Chile is a country with strictest food regulations.

You have to think twice if you want to ship textile to Chile. Inform the recipient to produce VAT or tax id on the export forms.

5. Shipping to China

One of the most developed countries in the world, China, has rigid international shipping rules and restrictions. Some of the rules include; a lengthy and strict clearance process, high import duty, and expensive delivery.

The country’s tax threshold and import levy start at $0. Therefore, you have to pay taxes and duties for all cargo. There is a 17% levy on every importation with a maximum levy of 23% for watches.

Home delivery is extremely slow and challenging since it’s a vast territory. If you want quick delivery, you have to pay extra for the service. You will also encounter product tracking in case you send deliveries to remote arrears or small towns. The process will also consume a lot of time.

6. Shipping to Mexico

Mexico is among the countries that depend heavily on agricultural products. Compared to others, it is considered as a country with strictest food regulations when shipping. So many things are done differently in the country. It’s difficult to ship products to Mexico because of uncertain restrictions. For instance, to successfully ship items here, you have to pass through a corrupt system. If you do not face bribery payments, then you will encounter heavy import tax.


International trade is growing fast, and new entrepreneurs are emerging daily. Understanding how every country operates its shipping activities is critical in the industry. This goes a long way in knowing the international shipping rules of the nations. Now, you know the states with tough regulations. Execute your shipping arrangements with these countries in your mind and see what you expect and what to avoid in terms of international shipping rules and regulations.

In the world of today, technology is ever on the rise. It is also important that you research the laws you should conform to when transporting food materials in other countries. The above tips will help you make an informed decision and enlighten you on how to ship food overseas.

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