Breast milk is one of the most important things that a baby needs. It provides the baby with all the nutrients in their proper proportions. This is why mothers go out of their way to ensure that their babies get breast milk. Under different circumstances, mothers have shipped breast milk. One of these situations is when they are working out of town. Some mothers have gone to the extent of shipping breast milk internationally.

Other reasons why people have decided to ship breast milk include;

· Business travel out of town or country

· Deployment to a different city, state, or country

· Donations to milk banks

Breast milk shipping is not that difficult, but it is a process that needs high standard hygiene and care. This article will discuss how you should correctly pack and ship human milk. By the end of the read, you will have known how to transport frozen breast milk.


· Gloves

· Mothers’ milk

· Ziplock bags or milk containers

· A cold box

· Wrapping papers

· Sealing tape

· A shipping box

· A cooling agent

How do you pack your breast milk?

1. First things first. Ensure that you wear your gloves when you handle the breast milk. The storage containers or the zip lock bags should be sterile to avoid contamination.

2. Pump your breast milk and accumulate it in zip lock bags or storage containers. The bags or containers should bear freezing and thawing. Liquids expand when frozen. Ensure that you only fill up to three-quarters of the bags or bottles.

3. Freeze the milk.

4. Insert the frozen milk in seal-able plastic bags. Secure the milk tightly by adding another plastic bag.

5. Place your sealed milk into a cold box. It would be best if you got a thick cold box. This will help your milk maintain its cold temperatures till it gets to the destination.

6. Now, add the cooling agent such as dry ice into the cool box. Cold air needs even distribution in the box. Place the dry ice at the bottom, sideways, and at the top of the human milk.

7. Fill all the unoccupied spaces in the cooling box up with the packing papers. People use newspapers instead. Filling the icebox full ensures that the packed milk does not keep moving inside the box. Reducing the movement also helps in keeping the dry ice from turning into carbon dioxide.

8. Seal the cooling box, only leaving a small opening. As the dry ice slowly turns into carbon dioxide, it will need a small opening to emit the gases. At this juncture, place the cool box in the shipping box. Again, fill all the unoccupied spaces with packing papers. This helps reduce too much movement during shipping. Seal the shipping box completely for security and safety purposes.

9. Label the shipping box correctly. By now, you will have known how to ship breast milk.Take your parcel to the courier company and they will start the shipment process.

How to transport frozen breast milk

How to transport breast milk depends on two factors;

· How far it is from the destination

· How fast you want it to get to its destination

Transporting frozen breast milk is on rail, road, or air. In most cases, overnight deliveries are the most preferred. Courier companies will see to it that the package gets to the destination. Some will deliver your package before the closure of the following business day.

When shipping from far away countries, the services might take longer. Some may go up to three business days. In such cases, ensure that the cool boxes have enough ice or dry ice. It will help keep the milk frozen until it gets to the recipient.

To avoid spoilage, the recipient should pick the milk once it gets to its destination. He or she should unwrap the package and safely reserve the mothers’ milk in a freezer. Frozen breast milk is safe for consumption in the next six months.

Bottom Line

Note that various courier companies have different guidelines for packaging. Call your service provider before packing so that your parcel meets their guidelines. If they do not want packages with dry ice, then use another cooling agent. Shipping breast milk can be costly. It would be best to store a big batch of milk instead of shipping small batches now and then. If you intend to travel carrying your breast milk, please state that in your declaration form. This will help the security personnel handle the matter with utmost care.

Find The Shipping Supplies You Need for Shipping and Transporting Frozen Breast Milk

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