Packing and Shipping Fragile Items

In the buying and selling process, the most difficult part is the shipping process and hence it is important to know how to pack and ship fragile items. Shipping fragile items requires extra care since any damage caused to the item you may have to bear the loss and this can also negatively affect the relationship with your customer. 

What are Fragile Items? 

These include anything that is made from delicate materials and can be easily broken, from glassware, ceramics, antiques to food like granola bars and many more. When transporting an item from Point A to Point B inevitable accidents or bumps are bound to happen no matter which shipping carrier you use for the delivery of your products. 

Therefore it is important for your eCommerce business to properly pack and ship the products, by doing so shipping fragile items overseas and domestically will become hassle free. 

Read on to find the best tips which will ensure that your items and products reach the customers in perfect condition.

What are the Best Packing Materials Needed for Fragile Items?

Choosing the best shipping materials for sending fragile perishables is very important because it is the core of shipping. Here’s is a quick look of some of the best shipping materials to use:

  • A properly sized box. The box should be a snug fit for the fragile item while leaving enough room to allow the packaging materials which help to safely transport the item and products.
  • Packing tape. This secures the boxes.
  • Crumpled craft paper. This is another effective method used to protect the fragile item, it is placed between the wall of the box and the fragile item.
  • Packing peanuts. They are used to fill in any voids. These are best used by first packing them on the bottom of the box, placing the item and filling the rest of the remaining space using these packaging peanuts.
  • Corrugated inserts. They help to increase the durability and strengthen the package, they are mostly used when mailing perishable food.
  • Bubble wrap. This shipping material helps to protect the fragile item. If the item requires extra protection be sure to use multiple layers.

Shipping Materials Needed for Sending Fragile Perishables

When it comes to shipping fragile perishables, temperature control measures are needed to ensure they arrive in the best condition possible. 

Using gel packs is the simplest method for cold shipping. Pack gel is also easy to adjust and pack, thus keeping your items fresh and dry. 

Another way would be to use a thermal box or cold box such as this one to package it and mail it. Don’t forget to label your items properly when mailing perishables.

How Do You Protect Fragile Items?

Packing fragile items for shipping is the first step to protect the fragile items and when you get it correct from the first step then the rest of the process will follow in seamlessly. 

To start you need a durable box that has the correct dimensions to fit the shipped product, wrap the fragile item in a bubble wrap, partly fill the bottom of the box using packing peanuts and place the item in the center of the box. 

Fill any voids around the fragile item with airbags or foam, using corrugated inserts and craft paper will strengthen the walls of the box and secure the box effectively using packaging tape.

 It is important not to write ‘fragile’ on your box because it may result in the worse treatment of your package.

How Do You Ship Fragile Items?

Depending on where you want to ship the fragile item will determine which shipper you choose. When selecting the best shipper for your item you need the one who offers the best shipping solutions and tracking systems on the package. 

Also, you should get insurance coverage to cover for any damages or lost items while in transit. After you have researched and found the best courier you can now ship the fragile item to any place in the world without stressing yourself.

Find The Shipping Supplies You Need for Shipping Fragile Perishables at Astro Asia

When shipping fragile perishables, you need to be extra prepared. Don’t forget to take the time to learn about any special needs about your items. Also, get yourself familiar with rules and regulations of both the origin and destination of the shipment.

At last, if you’re a business owner who ships perishable items in large amounts regularly, Astro Asia can provide custom solutions for your shipping requirement. Need a thermal box, cold box or an insulated shipping blanket? Get in touch today for a custom quote.


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