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Those who are in the business of shipping cargo know how important it is to protect your products during transport. Most cargo needs to be kept at a certain temperature for safety reasons. When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, you need to take every precaution possible to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left. So, what is a reliable and efficient way to transport temperature-sensitive cargo? There are many ways to do this, but one of the best solutions is to use a reflective thermal shipping cover. This article will explore how they function and the benefits of using them to transport temperature-sensitive cargo.

What Are Reflective Thermal Shipping Covers?

Reflective thermal shipping covers are specifically designed material that is used in the transportation of large cargo. They are specially used for cargo transportation of low-temperature supply chains or cold-chain management. These insulated pallet covers are used to protect cargo from temperature spikes that could affect the quality of the products. Those temperature-sensitive products are discussed later in the article.  

Keeping your temperature-sensitive cargo safe during transport can be a challenge. If the temperature is too high, your goods can spoil or melt. If it’s too low, they can freeze or crack. That’s why a reflective thermal shipping cover is such a valuable tool. It protects against both extreme heat and cold, ensuring that your cargo remains at a consistent temperature throughout the journey. In addition, the cover reflects sunlight, preventing your goods from overheating in the sun. Whether you’re transporting food, pharmaceuticals, or delicate electronics, a reflective thermal shipping cover is an essential piece of equipment.

How Do They Work?

Thermal Shipping Cover with an Air Bubble Layer | Astro-Asia
Thermal Shipping Cover with an Air Bubble Layer

Reflective thermal shipping covers work by creating a small air gap between the cover and the object being shipped. The aluminum has high reflective properties, which helps to keep radiant heat from getting through keeping the object being shipped cool. There is an insulation layer of bubbles with air that creates a gap between the aluminum layer and the cargo. This air gap is created by a bubble layer that helps to reduce the amount of heat transfer.

This works for both extremes of high and low temperatures. The reflective radiant barrier keeps the internal temperature stable despite the temperature fluctuations outside. The following is a test conducted to establish the effectiveness of a reflective thermal shipping blanket against rising temperatures. As you can see, the internal temperature has very low fluctuations keeping it under 5°C while the outside temperature fluctuates over 20°C.

Insulated Cargo Blankets Live Testing for Higher Temperatures | Astro-Asia
Insulated Cargo Blankets Live Testing for Higher Temperatures

Similarly, the internal temperature remains stable even if the external temperature drops by several degrees. While the external temperature drops below -10°C, the internal temperature remains above freezing. This is extremely important for cargo that has to be kept above a certain temperature.

Insulated Cargo Blankets Live Testing for Lower Temperatures | Astro Asia
Insulated Cargo Blankets Live Testing for Lower Temperatures

This clearly indicates that using reflective thermal shipping covers can keep the temperature-sensitive cargo stable while they are being transported. But what is temperature-sensitive cargo?

What Is Temperature Sensitive Cargo?

Temperature-sensitive cargo is any type of freight that is susceptible to damage or spoilage due to changes in temperature. This includes items such as food, pharmaceutical products, flowers, and certain chemicals. For example, perishable goods like fruits and vegetables must be kept at a certain temperature to prevent them from going bad. Similarly, many medications require specific storage conditions in order to remain effective. As a result, it is essential that temperature-sensitive cargo is properly labeled and monitored during transit. If the temperature of the goods exceeds the specified range, it can result in serious financial losses for the shipper. In some cases, temperature-sensitive products may even be rejected by the recipient if it is not up to standard. As a result, it is crucial that shippers take the necessary precautions to ensure that their goods are protected from temperature fluctuations.

Why You Should Use Reflective Thermal Covers

Why You Should Use Reflective Thermal Cover | Astro-Asia
Why You Should Use Reflective Thermal Cover

Reflective thermal covers are popular in a variety of industries for many reasons. They offer protection from the elements, conserve energy, are reusable, and can even help with safety. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using them for shipping.

Protect from the Elements

Reflective covers can provide excellent protection for your products from weather damage. If the products face extreme temperatures, reflective thermal covers can keep your products from overheating or freezing.

Protect from Insects

If you’re storing products that are susceptible to insect damage, reflective covers can create an impenetrable barrier. This is extremely useful in the transportation of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

Shipping via Airfreight        

Because heat rises, palletized goods generally do not need to be protected from underneath.  However, Air-Freight pallets are exposed to drafts from below. Therefore, Air-Cargo Thermal Covers have a bottom panel, protecting the goods from every direction. The bottom panel attaches to the top cover with Velcro. This six-side protection is ideal if you need to move your cargo via air. 

Conserve Energy

By reflecting heat away from stored products, reflective thermal covers can help you save on energy costs. Generally, to maintain stable temperatures, refrigeration or air-conditioning has to be used which uses a lot of energy. Without using such methods to control the temperature, reflective thermal pallet covers can maintain the cargo temperatures stable and in desirable conditions while saving energy.


Unlike other types of protective coverings, AstroAsia’s reflective thermal covers are durable and can be reused multiple times. They can be reused several times effectively to protect cargo from temperature fluctuations. This reduces wastage that occurs from single-use and disposable pallet cover options. 

These are the most notable of many reasons to consider using reflective thermal covers for cargo transportation. They offer protection from the elements, and heat exposure. They’re also reusable, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. If you’re looking for a way to improve your product storage and safety procedures, reflective thermal covers may be the answer.

AstroAsia cold shipping solutions

Other Benefits of Reflective Thermal Covers

In addition to the reasons discussed above for using reflective thermal pallet covers, there are several other benefits from them.  

Protect Your Reputation

A benefit of using reflective thermal covers is that it can add to your reputation. By using reflective thermal covers in place, you can prevent goods from being damaged by temperature excursions. This will guarantee the safe transport of the cargo without being spoiled. Providing your clients with safe and damage-free goods transportation will add to your business’s reputation as a trustworthy partner and keep customers coming back.


Reflective thermal covers are also cost-effective. They are a one-time investment that will last for several shipments. The ability to reuse the coverings will save money for your business. This can reflect on your business’s financials positively.

Choosing the Right Reflective Thermal Shipping Cover | Astro-Asia
Choosing the Right Reflective Thermal Shipping Cover

Choosing the Right Reflective Thermal Shipping Cover

When it comes to keeping your products safe and cool during shipping, one of the best options is to use reflective thermal shipping covers. Reflective thermal covers are made with a reflective material that helps to keep the temperature stable, making them ideal for shipments that are sensitive to temperature variations. They also typically have a quilted design that helps to add an extra layer of insulation. But selecting the correct reflective pallet covers is important. 

If you are in the market for a reflective thermal shipping cover, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Below, we will be going over some of the main factors that you will want to consider when you are trying to find the right one.

Choosing The Right Size

One of the first things that you are going to want to consider when you are looking for the right reflective thermal shipping cover would be the size that you need. You want to try to find one that is large enough to cover whatever it is that you will be shipping. This way, you can avoid any potential heat loss during transit. Not only that, but you also do not want it to be too small where it does not provide proper coverage either. When you select a vendor for pallet covers make sure they offer custom sizes for your shipments. 


Think about the type of material you’ll be shipping. Some reflective covers are designed specifically for certain types of materials, so it’s important to choose one that’s compatible with your products. 

Type Of Closure

Another big thing that you are going to have to decide on when it comes time to choose the right reflective thermal shipping cover would be deciding on what type of closure system you want/need. Some covers have simple closures that are taped shut, some come with Velcro closures while others have no extra openings. You need to find something that best fits your needs. 

For those shipping goods that stack 1.2 meters high or less, Thermal Covers with no extra openings are a favorite as they can be slipped over the pallet quite easily.  These covers are less expensive because they are made with less material and labor.  

Some require a simple opening with no Velcro. This requires your packing team to tape each pallet closed. This makes reuse difficult. Velcro closures are the preferred style.  They offer quick installation, and easy removal keeping the covers in good condition for reuse.          


Next, consider the shipping duration. Some pallet covers are effective for a few days while others are effective for several weeks. Depending on the shipping duration, the shipping cover’s performance needs to be a key factor.


You also have to consider the climate you’ll be shipping in. If you’re shipping in a cold climate, you’ll want to choose a cover designed to withstand colder temperatures. 


Another big thing that is going to play a role in your decision-making process would be how much money you have set aside for this purchase in the first place because they can vary quite significantly in price based on all sorts of different factors including size and quality/durability concerns. You want something that provides good value without breaking your budget in the process.                  

In short, there are plenty of things that go into finding and choosing the right reflective thermal shipping cover, and by following some key tips like the ones highlighted above; you should have no problem finding one perfectly suited for your particular needs without having too much trouble or putting too much thought into it either way which is always nice and convenient. Just remember how important it is to find something offering good value so you do not end up wasting money in the process that nobody wants.

Let AstroAsia Help You

AstroAsia Reflective Thermal Shipping Cover

Reflective thermal shipping covers are a must-have for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo. They work by reflecting and trapping heat, keeping your cargo at the desired temperature. Not only are they essential for ensuring the safety of your goods, but they can also save you money in the long run. With so many benefits, reflective thermal covers have become a staple in the transportation industry. AstroAsia, as a key stakeholder in the shipping cover industry, strives to offer you the best products and services. We have a range of products that can suit all your needs from reflective thermal shipping covers to cold boxes. Contact us today to get a quotation.

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