Will Chocolate Melt in the Mail?

Taking the time to make a handmade gift is special. One of your best options is delicious chocolates. A lot of people have family and friends scattered all over the country, which can make sending chocolates seem challenging. Some of the most common thoughts are wondering how to keep chocolate from melting in the mail, if your package will arrive on schedule determining the best way to ensure your chocolates remain safe.

Once you have spent your valuable time creating a very special gift, your main priority is most likely ensuring your package arrives safely. The melting point of your gift is dependent on the type of chocolates you are sending. Your package may have a melting point of just 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea is keeping the temperature of your internal box cool by using appropriate materials for packaging.

There are tips you can use to make certain you have packaged your chocolate correctly. Use food-safe packaging for your chocolates to help ensure they arrive safely through the mail. Once you have taken care of the inside of your package, place it into a bigger container, cold box or thermal box for shipping. You want a shipping container big enough to provide enough cushioning for your candy.

The secret to how to ship candy without it melting is including a cold pack in your package. Prior to mailing your gift, make certain there is a tight seal, and the labeling is clear.

How to Package Chocolate for Shipping

Packaging Your Chocolates: Protect your chocolates with candy pads, inserts or candy boxes. Make certain your packaging is food safe, and keeps everything separated. You can wrap each chocolate separately with candy wrappers or foil liners.

Proper Shipping Boxes: Your best option is an extremely sturdy and safe box. Your box needs to be big enough to support the contents including a cooling pack and cushioning. Your box needs to have enough thickness to support your candy on all sides when jostled during shipping.

Your Padding: Fill in the areas between the otterbox and your chocolate box to ensure safety. The best materials have the flexibility to fill in empty spaces, and the durability for protecting and cushioning. Some of the most popular materials include loose cushioning, protective foam rolls and bubble wrap.

Cold Packs: Due to humidity and extreme heat, include cold packs to protect perishable items. Dry ice and gel ice packs regulate the inner temperature to ensure your candy remains intact. Wrapping your ice pack in plastic bags decreases the transfer of heat.

Additional Supplies for Packaging: Your package needs to be labeled clearly to ensure fast and safe arrival. Consider using shipping address labels, carton sealing tape and premium tape dispensers. Make certain your label is clear and easily readable. Your best option is printing on a white matte label. If there is a barcode, it should be positioned on your package’s flat side for easier scanning.

Attach a warning label to make certain the carrier is aware you are shipping fragile perishables.

Pick The Right Shipping Options

Consider the cost and shipping times for specialty gifts. Third-party carriers often need more processing time including expedited shipping. The question of how to ship chocolate is making certain there is enough time for your gift to arrive. Businesses shipping chocolates need to have clear communication with the recipient. Encourage customers to select quicker shipping options to ensure the ideal condition upon arrival.

More Tips for Shipping Chocolate

How to Mail Chocolate Candy: The melting temperature for the chocolate should be known prior to shipping. This is dependent on the contents such as the amount of milk, sugar and cocoa fat. This is the best way to make certain the temperature is low enough during the entire shipping process.

Keeping Your Chocolates Cold: Prior to packaging your gift, store your candy in a refrigerated area. Your chocolates should be as cold as you can get them before packaging. This will help your candy retain a cold temperature during shipment. Your insulation will not be able to maintain the right temperature if your chocolates are not cold enough. Make certain you are not shipping chocolates meant to be kept just below or at room temperature prior to packaging.

Shipping Times: Be careful when selecting your shipping times. Your gift needs to go through the shipping and delivery process as quickly as possible. This is the reason numerous chocolate companies ship Monday through Wednesday, with national holidays and weekends avoided.

Seasons and Destinations: The temperature is dependent on the location of your recipient and the season. You need to consider this, and remain current with both local and recipient temperatures. One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your chocolate cold for longer periods of time is by placing a cold gel pack inside of your package prior to shipping.

The Best Packaging for Chocolate: You will find numerous kinds of insulated packaging on the market including pallet shippers, pouches and insulated box liners. Your insulation must be appropriate for the time necessary for your shipment to arrive.

Accurate Delivery Times: You need to make certain your recipient will be available when your gift is delivered to prevent your chocolate from melting. As soon as your gift arrives, the candy needs to be refrigerated. If the recipient will not be available, include extra protection in your package such as fiber or foam insulators for extra protection.

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