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Are you considering shipping refrigerated items through the mail? If yes, this article will guide you through the food safety process, packaging, and shipping options on how to ship refrigerated items safely. When shipping refrigerated products especially food through the mail, you must ensure that it will arrive safely and fresh to its destination.

Using the mail shipping option can be a simple solution for small businesses since it will be an accessible option that will not break the bank. However, even though it’s affordable, you have to ensure that you will negate any health risks you might encounter when shipping refrigerated food.

Food Safety

Some of the challenges you’ll come when shipping refrigerated items will entail: spoilage, staleness, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Proper refrigeration and insulation of the food items will be the key to maintaining their freshness. That is, retain the cold temperatures and eradicate any moisture and heat. To enhance food safety when shipping through the mail, consider these solutions.

Cold Packs

You will have to choose between the two types of cold packs: disposable and reusable. Using the reusable option is cost-effective since you can transport more food items with the same cold pack. There might be preservatives within the cold pack that can eradicate bacteria. Water is also an essential commodity, and it will assist with freezing.

Cold packs will work in different manners. Some might require freezing before use since they have ice. The ice will eventually become liquid and remove all the heat. Others might take advantage of refrigerants to remove all the heat around your food items.

Dry Ice

If your food items require to stay very cold throughout the packaging and shipping process, dry ice is the best solution. Since dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, it will turn into gas, unlike the cold packs. The main concern with dry ice is that it’s an expensive solution, and not all mail carriers will allow its use.

However, if your heart is set on using dry ice, you need to know the different regulations you will have to abide by. Contacting the mail carriers will assist you in knowing how you can comply with their guidelines. For example, when handled carelessly, dry ice can cause injury or burn exposed skin, hence the need for goggles and gloves.


Before shipping any food items, you have to consider the different refrigerated packaging materials and considerations you have to make. Choosing the right packaging material will rely on whether the food items will reach their destination safely. Let’s delve into how to ship refrigerated food using these packaging options.

Plastic Bags

It’s one of the least expensive packaging solutions. Its resilience will depend on how you package the food items. Securing the plastic bags in a shipping box will eradicate any damage during shipping since they won’t be crushed. These bags will be best if transporting solid food items.


It’s one of the safest packaging materials for mailing refrigerated food. However, some caveats will include its price, weight, and cost of transport. Due to its fragile nature, you should bubble wrap the glass to guarantee that it can withstand any impacts. To prevent the spillage of liquid food items, you should consider using watertight plastic bags on the inside.

Shipping Containers

These containers are ideal for the refrigerated shipment of perishable and semi-perishable food. Some of the options you might encounter will entail a refrigerated shipping box with rigid plastic/foam or insulated liners.

For the insulated liners, you have to consider the refrigerated products’ duration to ship. For example, 2 inches of insulation will suffice when shipping food items for three to four days. Using Styrofoam sheets or air-filled liners might be a more cost-effective solution to the food items that don’t need much cooling.


The best shipping option for food items is express shipping. If the mail carrier doesn’t have this option, consider looking for the next equivalent solution. Express shipping offers both businesses and clients a convenient solution for same-day shipping and order fulfillment.

You must consider looking for an alert system that notifies you about new order alerts for a business. These alerts can indicate when you can ship the orders and track them until delivery.

Furthermore, when shipping many food items through the mail, you should consider the batch shipping option. It will save you time and money since you will not have to dispatch every order separately. More so, you can group these items depending on the delivery locations to save time.

You should as well look at the mail carrier options you have in your vicinity. The carrier you select ought to have refrigerated shipping options and temperature control support. The carrier you pick should overcome the safety and shipping barriers by ensuring that all the food items will be safe upon delivery.

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When shipping refrigerated food items, you need to be extra prepared. Don’t forget to take the time to learn about any special needs about your items. Also, get yourself familiar with rules and regulations of both the origin and destination of the shipment.

At last, if you’re a business owner who ships refrigerated food items in large amounts regularly, Astro Asia can provide custom solutions for your shipping requirement. Need a thermal box, cold box or an insulated shipping blanket? Get in touch today for a custom quote.


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