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Container liners for 20’GP, 40’GP, & 40’HC

Container Liners are typically use for the international ocean freight of temperature-sensitive products when the transit time can be as long as four weeks. In addition to providing excellent temperature protection during shipment, it is also great insurance if your container gets hung up in customs upon arrival and is subject to intense heat or cold for several days.

Radiant Barrier Container Liners - How They Work

Metal shipping containers conduct heat readily. This means they become very hot in direct sunlight. Inside temperatures can reach 40*C and beyond during the day on long sea voyages (sometimes over one month). This drastic rise in temperature can be significantly reduced by using a simple radiant barrier container liner. At sea, temperatures drop significantly at night. Therefore the liner only needs to protect the cargo during the extremely hot daylight hours. This is how a passive liner can protect a shipment for long durations. The Radiant Barrier Container Liner is made with 100% Aluminum foil which reflects 97% of radiant heat. The radiant barrier works by reflecting internal heat away from the cargo (see graph for example). Fully stuffed containers work best for this technique.