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Pallet Covers

Insulated Pallet Wraps

thermal pallet wraps

Our thermal pallet covers are ideal for Air Freight and LCL deliveries to safeguard each individual pallet from severe changes in temperature.
Pallet covers are economical and can be used for one-way deliveries if it is not viable or practical for climate-controlled shipment.
The fundamental foil / bubble or more robust Quilt materials can be used to make our Pallet Covers depending on transit temperature and budget

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Thermal Blankets

Cargo Quilts

Insulated cargo blankets

Lightweight, easy to install and reusable, our insulated cargo blankets reflect, insulate and minimize ambient temperature change.
Its aluminum surface reflects radiant heat while the insulation prevents convective heat transfer. We also offer any custom size required including sizes for ocean containers and rail cars.
Our Thermal Blankets are an economical alternative to active refrigeration.
These can be made with the basic foil/bubble material, a cost-effective alternative to traditional insulated cargo quilts.
or the more robust Astro-Quilt® material that covers and protects in more extreme environments.

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Cold Box

Thermal Boxes

thermal covers

Astro Asia can provide several kinds of collapsible boxes produced for fresh food transportation:
boxes can be disassembled and stacked flat for storage or return to the point of origin.
Ask about our vaccine carriers and pallet boxes.

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Container Liners

ocean container liner

Ocean Container Liners 20'GP, 40'GP & 40'HC

Container Liners are typically used in ocean containers for international shipments of temperature-sensitive products
when the transit time can be as long as four weeks. In addition to providing excellent temperature protection during shipment,
it is also great insurance if your container gets hung up in customs upon arrival and is subject to intense heat or cold for several days.

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