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Pallet Blankets & Pallet Quilts

Ideal for LCL and air freight shipments, our thermal pallet covers protect each individual pallet from harsh temperature changes.
They minimize temperature excursions from direct sunlight (radiant heat), draft (convection) and direct contact (conduction).
Pallet Quilts effectively maintain the cold chain so your customer's goods arrive in the condition they expect.
Insulated pallet wraps are economical and can be used for one-way shipments when climate-controlled shipment is not feasible or practical. They are also durable enough to be reused many times over.
Our Pallet Blankets can be made with the basic foil/bubble construction or the more robust Quilt material.
All our thermal pallet covers prevent tarmac thermal spikes that occure when your cargo waits to be loaded often in direct sunlight.

  • Thermal Pallet Covers

    Standard Pallet Cover

    Five day summer test, cross country using our standard Pallet Cover

    4° temperature fluctuation under Pallet Cover

    13° temperature fluctuation inside cargo area

  • pallet blankets

    Thermal Pallet Quilt

    Three day summer test, using our thermal Pallet Quilt

    5° temperature fluctuation under Pallet Quilt

    25° temperature fluctuation inside cargo area

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