Thermal Pallet Covers

Standard Thermal Cover & Pallet Quilt

Foil Blanket

Ideal for LTL/LCL shipments, our thermal pallet covers protect each individual pallet from harsh temperature changes.
Pallet Covers are economical and can be used for one-way shipments when climate-controlled shipment is not feasible or practical.
Our Pallet Covers can be made with the basic foil/bubble construction or more robust Quilt materials depending on environment and budget.

  • Standard Pallet Cover

    Standard Pallet Cover

    Five day summer test, cross country using our standard Pallet Cover

    4° temperature fluctuation under Pallet Cover

    13° temperature fluctuation inside cargo area

  • Thermal Pallet Quilt

    Thermal Pallet Quilt

    Three day summer test, using our thermal Pallet Quilt

    5° temperature fluctuation under Pallet Quilt

    25° temperature fluctuation inside cargo area

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